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Tempo does it justice

An easy 10. Like Leoshi said, ParagonX9 has to start looking over her shoulder. My only complaint is at 1:33 it fades out and theres silence for just one second. Not worth taking off a star but a pad or delay trailing off those notes would help it transition a little easier and make it flawless. Keep it up!

SubtleForces responds:

:D Thanks

Blue balls in audio form

I agree with Leoshi, an extended version would be wonderful.

Nice concept

I can see where you were going with it. I'm not sure if FL Studio doesn't allow you to use VST's (I have never used it personally) but you're really limiting yourself when you're not using them. If it is FL studio thats holding you back its time to move on. You have potential that is too good to waste. You can find so many free VST's that have excellent sounds for chiptune music, you just have to dig a little in google.

www.tweakbench.com is a good place to start. I recommend these VST's to get you going with this song specifically:

Peach - Synth
Toad - Drums
Monomate - Bass

They are all free and really easy to use. Give them a shot. They can only help you make your songs better.

BallinFatty responds:

thanks. but i've tried the VST's b4. they dont work on my computer, i dont know why. every time i try to download them they save as a windows media file, or an application and when i try to do anything with them a message pops up and says error

also, i wasnt unsatified with the result, i like it. alot. it was sorta like a challenge for me, just to see how close i could actually get to a chiptune. however, i understand completely what your saying, and i would like to actually have some real VST's

anywyas, i'm glad you see potential in my work. that means a lot. thanks again for the review, 5, and your time in listening

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